Extra Tuition for Secondary School Pupils

Study Write 11+ Extra Tuition, Halifax

Year 7, 8, KS3, GCSE

Study Write 11+ extra tuition for secondary school pupils covers all age groups from Year 7 to GCSE students.

Our experienced tutors can provide study support for the key subjects: English Language, English Literature, Maths and Science.

Study Write 11+ provides all levels of study support. We are able to help Year 7 & 8 pupils adjust from primary school life to meet the expected work ethics and work standards of secondary school as well as improving their confidence and grades. We can help older students achieve the grades they need at GCSE for future study, set revision time-tables and keep track of progress.

Parents are provided with regular feedback and progress reports.

Tailored Tuition

Study Write 11+ does not provide a set framework for secondary school pupils requiring extra tuition.

We aim to provide more of a personalised programme in order to meet the needs of your child, therefore we encourage you to contact us and discuss your requirements, the issues you are facing and the goals you wish to achieve.

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