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GCSE Science Preparation Tuition in Halifax with Study Write

The Study Write GCSE Science course is designed to prepare students for their GCSE exams

The Study Write GCSE Sciences tuition programme is designed to prepare GCSE young people for their GCSE Science exams at schools in Calderdale and its surrounding areas.

The course runs from September when your young person enters GCSE and is completed the week of the GCSE Science exam.

In these sessions, a range of topics are covered within the GCSE curriculum. The programme follows the National Curriculum guidelines but focuses more on areas that students report year on year as being most challenging.

Due to the intimate setting of the tuition sessions, it is possible to tailor the subject at hand to the needs and requirements of the students. Towards the end of a topic, a discussion takes place to decide which areas are more relevant; topics are then able to be prioritised effectively to ensure each session is useful for each student.

At the end of every term, a formal assessment takes place whereby understanding and retention of the topics covered can be judged. This further informs the future teaching; any highlighted gaps in knowledge are then reviewed and refreshed until full understanding is achieved. This feedback is provided to both student and parent so that progress and learning can be assessed by all concerned.

In addition to strengthening young people’s academic skills, the Study Write GCSE sessions teach time management, organisation skills and how to excel under exam conditions. Using past papers, continually throughout the sessions, the young people are taught how to answer the exam questions successfully.

Study Write GCSE encourages young people to develop a positive work ethic and desire to succeed; the young people grow in confidence, knowledge and ability over the course of the programme. As a result, they feel prepared for the next step in their school journey.

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