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KS3 English Preparation Tuition in Halifax with Study Write

The Study Write English course is designed to prepare for their KS3 exams
– in some schools it determines which English set the young person will be placed in for their GCSE teaching.

The Study Write English Key Stage 3 course is designed to embed and extend the learning of students in this core area. The courses seek to help pupils in Year 7, 8 and 9 adjust accordingly from Primary school expectations to meet the diligent approach to school life that is expected in Secondary school. The course in the first instance seeks to improve confidence and grades.

In addition to strengthening young people’s academic skills, the Study Write GCSE sessions teach time management, organisation skills and how to excel under exam conditions.

Using past exam questions, in and amongst the formal teaching of math concepts, the young people are taught how to answer exam questions successfully.

Language acquisition and understanding language techniques and devices underpin this scheme of work alongside analysing the range of structural techniques writers use within their work.  These skills are taught and consolidated throughout the course programme coupled with creative writing exercises to ensure these skills are then reinforced and applied in the young person’s writing.  Texts are chosen collaboratively by the teacher and group and are focused on within each session as well as independently at home.  Homework is set weekly, marked and returned to the students in order to develop and progress within their own learning.

Assessment week takes place at the end of each half term whereby the progress is monitored and reviewed, this feedback is then provided to parents via email and progress reports are sent out to both student and parent(s).  Study Write KS3 continually encourages young people to develop a positive work ethic and desire to succeed.

Throughout the programme, children are seen to grow in confidence, knowledge and ability. This results in the students feeling ready for the next step in their school journeys.

An exemplar of a Key Stage 3 English Study Write Session.

  • English Starter – discussion re classic text being studied and analysis of specific themes.
  • Language Acquisition and comprehension skills.
  • Sessions then follow the National Curriculum elements of the KS3 programme of study, focusing on language devices and structural techniques.
  • Sessions are styled around a key focus each week; this ensures students are not overwhelmed by concepts. This includes both Fiction and Non-Fiction genres.
  • These key focuses are discussed by the group at the start of the new half term and built into the planning by the English teacher in order to provide a more focused and personalised learning programme for our students.
  • Weekly homework is set for the subject and children are expected to spend around 30 minutes – 1 hour to complete. The homework will provide elements of post-teaching follow-up and pre-teaching for the upcoming session.

Study Write KS3 provides all resources and homework required for these sessions.

KS3 English Preparation Tuition in Halifax with Study Write
KS3 English Preparation Tuition in Halifax
KS3 English Preparation Tuition

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