What a Fantastic Day!

Last Friday, February 23, we had our first writing workshop of 2018 and it was a massive success!

The children and teachers worked so hard and finished the workshop with some wonderful creative writing pieces and ideas. Lots of further support in the pack received which will keep their creative writing flowing.

Thank you to all the parents who sent lovely feedback!

‘Not sure what you did but he’s very inspired to write. That’s all he could think about since he came back yesterday. Thank you’’

“Tom has come home buzzing and excited after this morning he said it was great fun and went so fast. He has read me his story 4 times and shown me all his notes and ideas with such enthusiasm it’s great to see. He says his group leader was a famous author/journalist and she was “epic” and full or fantastic ideas!”

“As a parent you always feel slightly guilty making your child work in the holidays and 3 hours seemed like a long time so it’s lovely to pick up such a happy child who has not only learnt so much but has enjoyed every minute too. Thanks again, you truly have made creative fun for them.”